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Vignesh has strong conceptual understanding of machine learning, deep learning, NLP and time series models. He is a Certified Data Science Professional. He has overall 4.5 years of experience in building multiple ML models in Azure and has broader knowledge in domains like Airlines and Retail. He posses hands-on experience and expertise in handling machine learning projects. He has participated in Kaggle competitions. He posses excellent analytical and problem solving skills. Highly focused on converting data into meaningful insights. Skills : skills_with_proficiency = {'Python': 'Advance', 'SQL': 'Intermediate', 'Statistics' : 'Advance', 'NOSQL':'Intermediate'} Frameworks= ['numpy', 'pandas', 'sklearn', 'nltk', 'spacy', 'matplotlib', 'seaborn', 'plotly & cufflinks','keras','tensorflow', 'flask', 'tableau','time series','deep learning','powerBI'] Techniques = ['EDA', 'PreprocessingText', 'ML models hyper parameter tuning', ‘Outlier detection’] cloud_architecture = [ Azure Services]



Introduction to MongoDB and PyMongo in Python

What is NoSQL? NoSQL is a database that is generally used to store unstructured  data. Earlier data was mainly stored …

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